The vast majority of visitors to Alaska arrive on large cruise ships that offer plenty of entertainment onboard, but don’t offer too much in the way of truly experiencing the beauty and wilderness of Alaska. Small boat cruising allows you to get into parts of Alaska that very few, if any people have ever stepped, kayaked or fished. Our small ship cruises give passengers an up-close look and intimate experience with the state of Alaska.

— Captain Tom Manos
  • Kayaking with the whales, icebergs, and seals was a one of a kind experience. Also seeing a moose with her calf…the whales filled us with awe. The dinners and wine were a perfect end to an amazing day…landing a 73 lb. halibut by far the biggest fish ever caught…We will have great stories for our friends and family. We are all leaving hooked on Alaska! We loved our wonderful cruise. Never have we been so well taken care of.

    — M/V Sikumi, Guest
  • First, I would like to thank you for a wonderful, absolutely fabulous cruise. I enjoyed every moment and it was nice visiting with you again and visiting all those wonderful places so close to your home. Again, thanks for a wonderful trip land I look forward to doing it again.

    — M/V Misty Fjord, Guest
  • Greetings, We are back home, settling in. We had a great trip with you and your crew. Two of the best comments I got were, “It felt like traveling with family.” and “I felt like I saw the real Alaska.” Everyone enjoyed going to Cape Fox Island, especially with Joe along; and Metlakatla, that was a treat: a very authentic experience. We packed a lot in, in a short time! They all would have liked more time on the boat.” We are looking forward to the next adventure.

    — M/V Misty Fjord, Guest
  • On our last night we were relaxing on the back deck watching the sun go down and watching a couple of Brown Bear cubs playing on the beach, enjoying the sunset themselves.

    — M/V Dreamcatcher, Guest
  • The boats great for all ages; grandpa can relax at the same time mom is out kayaking with the kids, and everyone is able to meet back onboard for dinner. The days seemed to evaporate on our 7 day cruise – there’s always some animal popping its head out of the water or some amazing spectacle or adventure to get into.

    — M/V Dreamcatcher, Guest