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April 21, 2011 | Captains bLOG | 0 comments | Author:

Augustine Volcano is unable to break it’s smoking habit. She was puffing away all day long with plumes to about 350′ above her peak. You’d think that being 4100′ in elevation would be enough for the lady, but I guess not. All her puffing isn’t getting her any taller at present. Actually it is just fine with us that she isn’t going though another growth spurt while we are working less than 12 miles from her! Brought my brother-in-law Jim on this trip as an extra crew since Scott couldn’t come along. He has turned into our resident artist. He spends his spare time making post card drawings, not too bad at it either for a retired engineer. Tomorrow we fossil hunt while the data downloads. No fish yet but we haven’t tired too hard either. Have a great day. rob


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