Kaflia Bay, A Wonderful Surprise!

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With reservations I’d studied the chart of Kafila Bay to which we were headed for the day.  Really wouldn’t call it a bay, as to me the term bay evokes some measure of protection from the wind in at least some corner of it.  Kafila was a trap for NE or E winds and a funnel for swells as well.

Kafila is long and narrow with some rather large positive land irregularities, those being rocks that looked like small islands protruding up out of the water at low tide, then hiding just below the surface at high water.  They are well marked on the chart but the bay’s head is not all that wide at a 1/4 mile across.

We snuggled in just below the largest of the sometimes hidden rock island at the head of the bay and set the anchor in 80’ of water.   The scientist had a full day here of intertidal data to collect.  Star, Shay, and I had a day to explore.

What a incredible surprise.  Rock sculptures abounded, hammered out by nature over the eons.  Arches, hanging rock faces, beaches that changed rock composition from large rocks to soft sand in a few hundred yards.  Rock amphitheaters which amplified the lowest sound with incredible clarity.

Two large basins were tucked beyond the head of the bay.  Access was gained by navigating what seemed like a river, current was running at 6 knots, between rocky outcrops sliced into channels over the ages.  The basins were bowl shaped and just beautiful.

The wind was nonexistent for the entire day.  Beach crews came back sunburned, and shortsleeves was the attire.  Calm, gorgeous, and hot describes our day here.  Shay caught another two halibut while on anchor.  One fish was dinner tonight, which was deep fried, not something we normally have, but delicious.

Upon our return to Kukak Bay this evening we discovered another sailboat which had just arrived from Singapore via Adak on the Aleutian Chain.  Of course I spent until the wee morning hours talking to them.  They slid out our anchorage behind Aguligik Island in a small bight that is well sheltered this morning and headed to Seward.

Enjoy your day, Rob & Star


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