Need Ice?

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Good evening,
Could you use some ice cubes?
How about some ice for a sculpture?

Left Homer this morning but not before doing two drills. Fired off the first alarm about 5:30 AM. Took the clients, 18 bodies, our crew makes it 21, way too long to get immersion suits and muster on the anchor deck. Had them all don suits as well. Since they were way too slow…after the gear had been re-stowed and just enough time was allowed for them to think it was safe to lay back down or even start a shower…I hit the alarms again. They were much quicker that time. Had some snarly looks but we’re are operating in 22.7 degree water which won’t give you a second chance!

They had to be up by 6:30 for breakfast anyway! So, I’m not as mean as you think! Also it was the first time we’d had everyone on board at once. I’d already discussed with everyone how to react in a drill and even walked them though the steps. So don’t feel sorry for them! Some folks hadn’t been flown in till the last minute for a morning departure. Wasn’t leaving the harbor without running a couple of drills with that many folks. Don’t forget Scott and I were up an hour before so we were showered and fresh for the alarm bell. Besides, we we’re pulling out of the harbor right after 6 AM.

The first 5 hours were ice free. Then as we neared the southern end of Kaligan Island we found it. Tried to go from the East side of Cook Inlet to the West by skirting the N end of Kaligan and just below the northern shoals. Suffice it to say it was slow going. Finally gave up since daylight was waning and we were going to end up stuck in ice moving with the current in the dark. Looks like nothing is moving in the photos, right? Wrong. The tide was moving us and the ice at 5.5 knots sideways up the inlet!

The new cell phone booster antenna is working great. Had put it on in November but just added a longer antenna extension which puts it about 35′ off the water. Everyone gets service and we can do internet by tethering to the phones. Much cheaper than sat service!

Think I’l take in a movie as I can smell someone making popcorn downstairs. Also gong to grab some fresh ice for my pepsi!

All the best,



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