Props Over Alaska

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May 2012

Props Over Alaska

This is a bit late but better late than never! Near the end of April once Dream Catcher was on site for this 8 month operation and all was well…I went home!

Flight was wonderful and the mountains speculator. Flew into Anchorage then to Homer to retrieve my truck in Homer. Didn’t realize how many trips I’d made to Homer in the month preceding leaving Homer. My new truck (with heated/cooling seats) was only 5 weeks old and I’d already logged 8250 miles on it!

As to the truck, my 99’ Ford Disel had 280,000 miles and the transmission was acting up. Star and dad convinced me it was time for a change. Hated to get rid of the old one as it was in great shape, but after two days of pressure I gave in. AND since I was being told to get one I picked out one with a few bells and whistles…just love my new F350 Disel and I even let Star drive in once in a while!

Time at home was great. Worked on the other boat with Scott and sent items to boat as needed.

Take care, Rob


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