Return to Dream Catcher

June 3, 2012 | Captains bLOG | 0 comments | Author:


On May 31st I was back on board. Glane was off for the summer and our next skipper couldn’t arrive until June 8th. So here I am again!

Actually it is for a short time. Scott replaces me on the 5th as Star and I are flying to Oklahoma on the 6th for a family reunion.

Things were a bit greener than when I left! Flew into Tyonek a native village about 30 minutes flight time from Anchorage. Then was shuttled out to Dream Catcher.

Pretty slow out here…too many mammals! If a seal or whale gets inside our 8.5 KL range everything shuts down. Since the salmon and hooligan are running we’ve more seals than we want around us. Operations can’t start again until the intruder departs our area. All the boats have marine mammal observers and they are on two stations on land as well so the whole area is well surveyed.

Even have a rather lost grey whale hanging around. There are no recorded sightings of a grey this far up the inlet ever. We really hope it goes away soon, real soon! It is a juvenile and there is speculation it is looking at the fleet like it’s adopted family. There are no protocols for dealing with a grey so everything gets shut down when it shows up. We don’t want to be adopted! take care,



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