The invasion started about midnight…

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August 2011

The invasion started about midnight…

as a lone covey. Then like crabgrass invading a lawn they came, and they came, and they came! It was if we were now the only aircraft carrier in our region of world. The approach was a series of loops around the boat for about four hours. Many squadrons swooped across the bow low, others high, some 25 yards out, others just by the windows, and 99% felt the 10 mph breeze demanded a clockwise loop around the vessel. There were those pilots who were somewhat confused and came in close using a counterclockwise flyby right by the towers windows.

The visit was nice but I hope there is not a repeat tonight as I still feel dizzy when I mentally replay that never ending bird loop of last night! As to what they are? We’re undecided, they’re certainly Sandpipers but the four of us still can’t nail down which variety. Yes, we have a book on Alaskan birds! If they show back up tonight hopefully they’ll permit an interview so the debate can end! Take care, rob


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